Dear customer

We are specialised breeder of queen bees In central Europe. Our main direction which create and determinate our work is provide best queens for our customers. We delivery our queen bees to most countries in Europe.

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This stage and look of brood is best proof that queens are ready for sale...

Queen bees

We’re breeding Buckfast and Carniolan bees. In our offer you can find: Queen cells, 1-day old virgin queens( just hatched), and most popular- natural mated queens with inspected laying.

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We ship our queen bees all over Europe and Asia...

Queen cell

Cheapest, and best way to introduce our queens. Unfortunately for local customers only.

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Our colonies never has to care for more than 22 queen cells...

Please check our offer for queens

We constantly looking for new markets. If you are interested in being a DISTRIBUTOR, IMPORTER, or a regular CUSTOMER, feel free to contact us.

Call us or visit directly in our apiary.